About Ending Spending Action Fund

Government spending is out of control and the officials in Washington don’t seem to “get it.” Out national debt is over $16 trillion, an all-time high, and more than $5 trillion in debt has been added in the last three years alone. A former Federal Reserve chairman calls it “scary,” and the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that “our national debt is our biggest national security threat.”

It is up to us – the American people – to hold our politicians accountable. The Ending Spending Action Fund aims to protect Americans from the irresponsible spending spree in Washington and supports political candidates who understand the importance of a balanced budget.

The Ending Spending Action Fund is a non-partisan political action committee that independently sponsors advertisements which advocate for the election or defeat of candidates across the country on the basis of a particular candidate’s position on fiscal issues.

The founder and chairman of the Ending Spending Action Fund is Joe Ricketts, who is also the chairman of Ending Spending, a non-partisan advocacy group.